March 14 is the deadline to submit the 2022 Mission Partner Project Request Form. 

Mission Partner Selection Process

Phase 1


Mobilize people and resources to reach the unreached.


  • Two projects may be submitted for consideration, each project requires it's own form.
  • Provide a budget matching requested amount. ($100,00 range)
  • The project must serve an unreached people group.*
  • Must be a charitable organization registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3. Checks will only be payable to such organizations.
  • As part of the vetting process, finalists will be required to complete an Excellence in Giving application.
  • If your submission(s) does not meet these requirements, it will be removed from the process.

*The Joshua Project defines an unreached people group as less than 2% Evangelical and less than 5% Christian Adherent.


  • 1 The Mission Partner Project Request Form is the FIRST step in the selection process.
  • 2 The BLESS Board of Directors will review all Project Request Forms and select three projects per principle. These selected projects will receive an invitation to complete the FINAL 2022 Mission Partner Application.
  • 3 Once we receive all fifteen applications, the board will review them and choose one project to represent each principle at Light the World 2022. The remaining ten applications will be considered for IGNITE and donor engagement events.


We have identified 5 key principles to help us with our mission of Reaching the Unreached.

BLESS _mobilize_cross-culural_workers


March 1: Mission Partner Project Request Form sent out.

March 14: DEADLINE to return the completed Mission Partner Project Request Form to BLESS.

March 25: Final fifteen projects selected.

April 1: Invitation to complete the final 2022 Mission Partner application.

April 22: DEADLINE to return the completed final application.

April 28: BLESS board reviews applications.

May 12: Additional information requested from organizations if needed. 

May 16: Excellence in Giving will contact finalists directly with their requirements

June 13: BLESS notifies applicants of final selection!

We look forward to learning more about the work your organization is doing.


If you are selected to be a Mission Partner, The BLESS Foundation will promote your organization and project from July through December to maximize giving at Light the World. Chosen mission partners will receive grants from the net proceeds of the Light the World fundraising event in the first quarter of 2023.

Safety Concerns:

If your project is chosen, BLESS will advertise the project through social media, radio interviews and ads, newsletters, and written publications, as well as, discuss your project in meetings and small group settings. We will also feature your project at our annual in-person event in a closed room environment. Videos, pictures, and stories will be used to promote your organization and your project. The BLESS Foundation can work creatively alongside your organization to help tailor your project information for each setting; the stories coming from your project are crucial to fundraising. Please consider whether or not this is a good fit for your project.

BLESS Promotion:

  • Attend (via internet conference) monthly to bi-monthly event planning and strategy meetings from July 2022 through April 2023.


  • Providing digital photos, videos, and impactful stories to BLESS for use in social media, radio interviews, ads, newsletters, and meetings with donors.


  • In-Person Attendance-Be prepared to share information regarding your organization with guests at all events.


  • Attend the 2022 BONDFIRE Sunday, September 11, 2022


  • Attend Light the World on December 11, 2022


  • Attend the 2023 BONDFIRE event (date TBD).

Mission Partner Promotion:

  • Promote Light the World by posting to your organization's social media.


  • Sending e-blasts to your donor list.


  • BLESS will not solicit nor advertise directly to your donor list. Your organization will manage all communication to your list with information and guidance provided to you by BLESS.



  • A commitment from your organization to actively pursue donors to provide matching gifts for Light the World 2022.


  • Provide BLESS donor stewardship gifts.


  • Provide monthly updates (including objective metrics) on your project once you have received funding beginning March of 2023.


  • Provide professional impact stories or 1-2 minute video stories for The BLESS Foundation website, annual report, social media posting, and e-blasts once you have received funding.