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Where Market Place Meets Missions

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IGNITE provides education and engagement opportunities for marketplace professionals that are passionate about living on mission for God!


Whether you choose to serve the nations from your current location, become a missionary, work in business as missions or start a new business overseas, this program will be a helpful tool in fulfilling your calling.



Our 5-part video sessions helps YOU understand the calling of Christ and how our gifts and talents matter.


Have you ever wondered who started the first churches we read about in Scripture? In our first video, Andre Mann shares how God used regular people like merchants, tradespeople, and soldiers to plant churches and spread the Gospel in the early Church. 


What is the current state of the world, why we must focus on the least reached, and the imbalance of wealth and workers in the area known as the 10/40 window. We will discuss why Christian business people must use their talents for God's Kingdom, use their money in more strategic ways, make disciples while doing business, and mobilize others to join in God's mission.


We will unpack the problems that traditional missionaries face today, and how business people are uniquely positioned to solve them.


In session four, Brad applies the parable of the talents from Matthew 25 to God’s mission today.  Trusting God means using our talents to the best of our ability to be a blessing to all peoples and nations. Business people in the Church today might be some of the most uneducated, unengaged, and underutilized and may not know how to use their gifts to fulfill the Great Commission.  This must change.


In session five, we shift gears into an interview format with one of the founding board members of BLESS, Dustin Elliott, and Sam Kim, the founder of IGNITE. Sam and Dustin will discuss how to process what we've learned so far and give practical next steps to help you individually engage with God's mission.

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