Funded the translation of the four Gospels in the first-time ever written heart-language of the Wantakian people in Papua New Guinea.    

The second grant provided by your donations will continue the work of translating the rest of the New Testament.  Your funds are:​

  • Purchasing equipment needed to complete the New Testament Translation

  • Enabling literacy training, Bible teaching and, discipleship

  • Printing and distributing waterproof Bibles that withstand the harsh jungle environment


Funded the completion of a 200,000-watt medium wave (AM) radio transmitter along the Silk Road.

In 2020 you funded much-needed programming to share the Gospel with those who cannot be reached in person safely. With a focus on youth, this project will reach listening communities and guide them to Jesus through

Broadcasting The Way of Righteousness radio program
Youth ministry programming through social media
The King of Glory biblical video series shared on social media



Your 2020 partnership has helped mobilized long-term workers to take the gospel to the Persian Deaf and other least-reached Deaf people groups! Thank you!  

Effectively reaching them with the message of Christ requires mobilizing and equipping believers who can communicate this good news in their unique languages and in culturally relevant ways.

Only approximately a dozen believers exist among the hundreds of thousands of Persian Deaf. Your generosity has helped Christar reach them by:

  • Developing a resource designed to impart a vision for reaching the least-reached Deaf among Deaf believers​
  • Adding a Deaf mobilizer, who will recruit Deaf believers for ministry in least-reached Deaf communities, to its mobilization team​
  • Sending two short-term teams of Deaf believers to minister among the Persian Deaf, giving them a taste of how God can use them to make Him known in this community.


Thanks to your investment in 2020, JVI can provide Justice Hubs that will focus on services in high prevalence areas of injustice in India and Nepal. These Justice Hubs will rescue hundreds, protect thousands and transform communities bringing sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for vulnerable men, women, and children.

There are over 8 million people enslaved in India and Nepal most enslaved through bonded labor.

Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice, and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustice.

JVI partners with local organizations and global stakeholders to:​

  • Facilitate joint rescue operations to free thousands of oppressed children, women and men

  • Equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, and funding

  • Conduct research, advocate for changes in policies and laws, and build justice networks

JVI.COLOR.Women & girls smiling


Your 2020 investment will help reach many teens with the Gospel story and provided a long-term relationship with a Christian mentor to equip them to be Christian leaders in their families and communities. Thank you for joining us in this movement, changing lives forever, and impacting eternity!

There are ~16 million unreached kids in Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone under the age of 15

Young Life is introducing young people to Jesus across Africa – transforming hearts, lives, families, and communities in the process. Teens from Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone will experience a place of welcome, adventure, laughter, and unconditional love alongside a trusted leader at a Young Life camp where they’ll hear the entire gospel story, many for the first time.

  • A teen mom abandoned by her parents finds acceptance again

  • A street kid with a history of drug abuse finds forgiveness

  • A young girl finds freedom

  • An orphan finds love