There are over 140 million vulnerable children in the world today affected by homelessness, child labor, armed conflict, disease, and disability.

 Imagine the world change that will come from an investment in protecting and empowering this future generation.

 BLESS is committed to identifying and funding strategic solutions to provide opportunities for future generations in the least evangelized and most impoverished areas of the world. Learn more about our partners helping protect vulnerable children below, and join us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


protect vulnerable children


As a result of the Vietnam War, Southeast Asian children have been impacted by an extreme lack of education. The literacy rate is 30-40% which leads to growing up in an environment where trafficking, violence, and spiritual blindness form a blanket that hinders their ability to thrive and can feel impossible to overcome.

Address Challenges

Teams of global workers learn the local heart language, translate and teach the Bible in that language, and establish a church.

Engage in the struggle

Support these children through education and share the Gospel through Bible teaching that happens as a result of relationship development.

education and resources

Offer classes in primary school subjects, such as reading, writing, and English. Speaking English opens opportunities to find better jobs and further their education.

Young Life Africa Logo
Young Life
There are 16 million unreached kids in Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone under the age of 15. 

Hearing the Good News

Young Life is introducing young people to Jesus across Africa – transforming hearts, lives, families, and communities in the process. Teens from Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone will experience a place of welcome, adventure, laughter, and unconditional love alongside a trusted leader at a Young Life camp where they’ll hear the entire Gospel story, many for the first time.

How You Helped

Many teens have been reached with the Gospel story and provided a long-term relationship with a Christian mentor to equip them to be Christian leaders in their families and communities.

Zoe Empowers
Zoe Empowers equips orphans with tools and training to overcome life-threatening poverty for good.


From Beggars to Bosses

Guided by the core belief of not doing anything for these young people that they can be taught to do themselves, Zoe equips orphans and vulnerable children to overcome extreme poverty by addressing multiple barriers simultaneously.


  • $8/month empowers one orphan out of poverty
  • $8,000 covers an Empowerment Group for a year
  • An Empowerment Group is 40-60 children
The Enabled Project 

Meeting Needs

The Enabled Project is the only organization in the rural villages of India providing care and services for children with special needs and their families.

Their team of over 450 healthcare workers, community workers and volunteers shares the incredible story of Jesus Christ that restores hope.

They meet the need with primary health care, disability support, widow empowerment and education for children.

Archibald Project
The Archibald Project produces stories that increase the number of people caring for orphaned and vulnerable children and help them thrive in their efforts.


Creative Storytelling

If vulnerable children were a country of their own, they would be the 9th largest country in the world. Let that sink in.

There are over 153 million vulnerable children in the world today. 

The Archibald Project’s goal is to raise awareness! How? They use media and creative storytelling to inspire people into action. The result is powerful and ethical child care stories that activate people to give financially and act sacrificially