Human trafficking is the largest form of modern-day slavery, affecting approximately 40.3 million victims globally.

 By strategically partnering with organizations that are making a major impact in the most dangerous, vulnerable, and unreached areas of the world, BLESS is working to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Join us to PROVIDE HOPE to those who need it most.


There are an estimated 8 million people enslaved in India and Nepal. Traffickers prey upon the vulnerable, entrapping them in dangerous and exploitative situations. Justice Ventures International (JVI) works on the front lines in poor and oppressed communities where the battle for justice rages daily.

Secure Justice for Individuals

Facilitate joint rescue operations to free thousands of oppressed children, women, and men.

Empower Local Partners

Equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, and funding.

Improve Justice Systems

Conduct research, advocate for changes in policies and laws, and build justice networks.

Global Child Advocates Logo
GCA prevents trafficking by ensuring orphaned and vulnerable children have safe families, which are empowered to thrive and equipped to protect.

Recognized by Thai government

GCA is representing the trafficking category for the second year in a row - a continuation of the incredible solutions they provide and the fruit being recognized by the Thai government and other organizations locally and globally:

  • GCA is based on the Thailand border in a major trafficking hub with Myanmar, and works within predominately Muslim and Buddhist communities
  • GCA prevents trafficking by ensuring orphaned and vulnerable children have safe families, which are empowered to thrive and equipped to protect.
  • GCA's protects victims by advocating for police response and rehabilitating women and children mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • As the provincial model for short-term care, GCA works with the government to empower other shelters to better protect and care for vulnerable children.
Red Oak
Bringing Freedom, Hope & Restoration to Survivors of Sexual Exploitation


Having a hard time supporting her children from her low-paying job at the hair salon, Joy looked at her future with despair. When one of her customers told her about a restaurant job in Asia that paid $500/month, Joy was overjoyed at the potential of traveling abroad and making more money to pay for her children's school fees.

However, once she arrived in Asia, she was met at the airport by another woman who told her that she owed $5000 in debt and the only job was prostitution. With no money, no understanding of the foreign country she was in, and a boss who was abusing and threatening her, Joy was stuck and realized she had no way out except to work in prostitution to pay back the fraudulent debt.

This is just one story of the estimated 21 million people enslaved in the world today. Red Oak is working to rewrite this story by bringing freedom, hope, and restoration to trafficked and exploited women and children in East Asia.