Mobilize cross-cultural workers


99 out of 100 Fulani warriors don’t know Jesus. They are spiritually blinded and have committed many atrocities in Nigeria. The Good news is that when they hear & understand the Gospel, many come to faith and become warriors for Jesus. With your help, SIM can:

Train and equip

70 indigenous missionary leaders who will train 700 indigenous missionaries & pastors, who will train & promote awareness to 7,000 church members to develop a heart to reach the Fulani people in northern Nigeria, West Africa.

Create a movement

To reach the Fulani through trained leaders who are distributing written and recorded evangelistic and discipleship material produced by Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Evangelism and Discipleship

We will distribute 4,500 solar-powered MP3 Mega Voice Players (MVP) to reach many Fulani people with the Gospel.

Together we can

With your support, these leaders will remain in place for years to come and train others to reach out to the Fulani, creating a multiplicative effect. As the Fulani come to know Jesus and become warriors for Him, He can use them mightily to take the Gospel to North Africa and beyond!