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Make a life-changing difference in the most unreached areas of the world.

The 10/40 Club 

God's provision and our BLESS Family's generous hearts are truly humbling! We are grateful to those partnering with BLESS to end Gospel Poverty.

There is still much to be done!

By joining the 10/40 Club, together we can

continue this work until all tribes, tongues, and nations have access to the Gospel.


Now more than ever, our world needs hope in Jesus.  Over 3.2 Billion people do not have access to the Gospel.  That is over 40% of the world's global population.  That number is growing by 70,000 per day!

TOGETHER we can make a difference.  Your membership in the 10/40 Club will mobilize more people locally to join the movement and provide funding and talent-sharing to those most marginalized and least evangelized in the world.